Monday, September 17, 2012

Heineken Blows Doors Off With New Packaging

Be prepared to be wowed by the latest "innovation" in beer packaging design. Perhaps nonplussed by the waning popularity of their "ultra premium" import lager, Heineken announced today that they will be rolling out a newly designed bottle. If you're excited, make sure to keep an eye out in New York state later this month and nationwide starting in March of 2013.

The new bottle design joins the long-neck crowd, eschewing their classic 'stubby' look. But, the real innovation comes with the inclusion of " embossed thumb groove that improves grip and encourages people to hold the bottle at a lower point, keeping the beer colder." Which is not only not a change worth a press release  but also a ludicrous claim. 

In what way will holding the bottle lower keep the beer colder? If the drinker holds the bottle at the bottom the hand will be covering the point where there is beer the longest. Perhaps the press release is simply a bit vague on this point and the drinker is intended the use some sort of awkward claw hand position to hold the base of the bottle using the thumb and four fingers arranged vertically, or maybe the groove will be positioned on the neck.

Yet another entry in the 'diversify by design' not substance series that plagues the macro beer market.

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