Saturday, November 27, 2010

Southampton Publick House - Double White

Southampton Publick House - Double White
Serving Type: 12 oz. bottle, poured into a mug
The yeast sediment turns Southampton’s take on a witbier from a medium straw to a radiant hazy yellow, with an orangey glow. The medium, creamy white head has great retention and lacing. The nose carries a bready wheat, huge coriander, big citrus, and a mild astringency. Southampton mentions the use of additional unmalted wheat in their brew process. The bready nose was especially noticeable, but I haven’t had enough opportunity to realize all of the differences that this process may add to a beer.
The malts and wheat is big, but sticky citrus seems to go right for the tongue with a biting dry touch. It isn’t surprising that the citrus factor here is significant, given the addition of both orange and lemon rind to the brew process. Alcohol comes rushing in in the middle and adds a considerable sweetness.
The big coriander from the nose seems to get a bit lost in the mix as far as taste goes. The finish is grainy and comes with some heat in the chest. Southampton’s stated mission with the Double White was to make a ‘big’ witbier. It certainly seems that they doubled up on wheat, citrus, and alcohol.
The Double Wheat goes for big, hits it, but doesn’t own it.
Final Verdict: B-

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