Saturday, November 6, 2010

ABV #1: De Dolle - Ara Bier

ABV #1: De Dolle - Ara Bier
This is the first in a new, less frequent, series at Musings on Beer. The series, Abbreviated Beer ‘view (or, ABV for short, heh) will feature beers that I have out at bars or in places not conducive to a full review.
This time I kept the bottle to photograph in good light, but in the future you might be stuck with a crappy cell phone picture. Maybe I should get a pocket camera with a flash.
De Dolle - Ara Bier
Enjoyed At: The Half Door in Hartford, CT
I ordered the Extra Stout by De Dolle, but they were out. I got this instead. No complaints here. A great example of a Belgian Strong Pale Ale.
It packs strong and sweet underlying malts balanced off by tons of spices. They’re noticeable on the nose and they define the flavor. Tons of coriander and clove among others. It’s highly carbonated with a light and airy mouthfeel. The beer is also very citrusy and has a dry and crisp finish.

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