Saturday, November 6, 2010


Serving Type: 11.2 oz. curved bottle, poured into mug
Hoegaarden is a classic example of a Belgian witbier, or white beer, and perhaps the most well known. It’s got a serious nostalgia factor for me, and it has potential for non-beer-drinkers as well. It isn’t a perfect beer, but for someone who’s used to American lagers, this could be beer in a way they’ve never known.
The body is a very light yellow, cloudy with high carbonation. The moderate white foam head is slightly audible, has decent retention, but produces no lacing. The nose is spice heavy. Tons of coriander coming through. There’s also a mild yeasty must to the floral aroma.
This beer is extremely crisp and refreshing. The light wheat malts add a delicious sweetness and balance very well with coriander and other spices. Notes of citrusy lemon zest also accent the flavor. The finish is clean with a slight dryness, but the mouthfeel goes south at the last second. What is initially perceived as high carbonation seems to vanish and leaves a watery finish.
Final Verdict: B+

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