Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miller Lite

Miller Lite
Serving Type: 12 oz. “vortex” bottle, poured into a mug
Miller Lite, is probably second only to Coors Light in working extremely hard to get a leg up on the competition through the use of gimmicks and slogans. I’ll detail some of those below. For now, know that it pours an unsurprising medium straw. What’s surprising is this beer, unlike some others, has some distinguisable malts on the nose. You might be able to even get a hint of hops. It is, after all, “triple hops brewed.” I’ve always wondered, what’s that actually mean? Three rounds of hops? Three types of hops? Or, as I suspect, three single hop flowers in the million-gallon brew kettle?
There’s a medium level of visible carbonation, but you really notice it during a sip. The “Great Pilsner taste” comes through a bit on the foretaste, fades quick, and leaves with a little aftertaste. It’s a bit dry on the finish, but it’ll leave you ready for another sip.
Myriad of slogans aside, Miller Lite’s latest “innovation” is perhaps the most face-palm-iest yet. The “Vortex Bottle.” Precision engineered to…do what now? Look cool? Make for a good advertisement? Maybe, at very least, help you chug this beer out of the bottle faster.

Final Verdict: C-*
*This rating is based on my thoughts and opinions of this beer as compared to those similar to it.

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