Friday, January 11, 2013

Brouwerij Lindemans - Cuvée René

Purchased From: Harvest Fine Wines & Spirits
Serving Type: 750ml bottle, corked, capped, and foiled, poured into a fluted glass

While Lindemans is most famous in the United States for their fruit Lambics, they also produce Faro, a lower-alcohol Lambic, and their grand cru, Cuvée René Gueuze.

Cuvée René pours a tall yellowy amber body with free-floating yeast. A careful pour leaves just a fine suspension of particles from this unfiltered beer. The head is a medium-sized yellowed white. The lightly textured foam dissipates slowly, leaved layers of chunky lace behind. The nose is incredibly tart with a dry spiciness and lightly floral hints. Dusty aromatics evoke the age and cellaring of the beer. Sugary sweetness underlies the darker tones and is matched by light sour apple notes.

Cheek-pinching tartness up front is paired with customary Champagne-like bubbles cascading in layers of strong carbonation. The beer is slightly spicy, but features a smooth malt backbone. Heaps of fruity sweetness evoke mild apricot flavors, a dash of grape juice and the bite of a tart apple cider. Metallic notes on the finish tie together the beer's diverse palate for a sparkling and clean feel.

Final Verdict: A

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