Friday, August 5, 2011

Beers from California via Mobile Phone Camera

New Belgium Brewing - Fat Tire
Enjoyed at: Khana Penna
Serving Type: From the tap, in a 16 oz. pint glass

Moderate amber body, slight foamy white head from the tap. Malty, mash-like grain nose. Very malty, fairly sweet with a crispness from that carbonation that cuts the sweetness a bit. A true malt-bomb with very little distinguishable hopping.

Brouwerij Bavik - Petrus Aged Pale Brewing
Enjoyed at: The Trappist
Serving Type: From the tap, in a chalice

Sorry for the poor (poor) lighting, but a candle-lit Trappist bar cannot go undocumented, no matter how poor the photo comes out. The beer is a light straw body with a slight haze. The small foam head is white in color with tiny carbonation bubbles. The nose is tight with a sweetness and distinct sour edge and a somewhat spicy finish. The beer is tart with interesting grape-like qualities. It's quite winey and carries elements of spice. The finish is slightly sugary, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Lost Abbey - Red Barn Ale
Enjoyed at: Lost Abbey
Serving Type: From the tap, in a sampler glass

One of many more to come (soon) from the Lost Abbey. Clear golden straw body with a healthy white head that is slightly creamy in texture. Big spicy witbier nose. The beer itself is incredibly spicy as well, with hints of ginger and black pepper that lend a drying edge. It carries pronounced citrusy orange peel notes. The very crisp carbonation produces a clean finish with lasting spice.

The Stone Brewing Company Tap Room

Pizza Port Brewing Company - Gold Member
Serving Type: From the tap, in a tulip glass

Gold member is a Belgian Strong Ale with a hazy golden straw glow that is bright and vibrant. The minimal fine white head from the tap is refreshed slightly by a constantly rising carbonation. The nose is classically Belgian with a sweet malt character matched by a dry spiciness. The beer is sweet and refreshing with tinges of crisp carbonation. The spice notes add depth while the strength of the beer shows through, but never seems boozy.

Pizza Port Brewing Company - O.G. Chronic
Serving Type: From the tap, in a 16 oz. pint glass

O.G. Chronic is a well-carbonated amber with a ruby glow throughout its body, topped by a small white head of foam. Extremely floral grass hops define the nose with a mild piney stickiness. Light toasted malts give the aroma a solid backdrop. There's a surprisingly grainy malt component to the beer. The hops are very piney and dry, but seem almost second to the sour graininess. This isn't an IPA in the West Coast tradition, but it is very drinkable and sessionable. 

Coronado Brewing Company - Scotch Ale

Serving Type: From the tap, in a 16 oz. Coronado pint glass

The beer pours a deep mahogany with ruby highlights and a thin light tan head. The nose has a mild charcoal mixed with the definitive malty aroma. A sourish mash graininess gives this beer a nose classic to the style. The beer is dark and sweet with lightly roasty malts. The grain profile here is huge, but I wouldn't call it a malt-bomb like many others in the same territory.

Coronado Brewing Company - Saison by the Sea
Serving Type: From the tap, in a 16 oz. Coronado pint glass

This saison from Cononado pours a hazy glowing orange with golden hues. The beer came with minimal head from the tap that was a thin wispy white. The nose is high on citrus with a minor astringency. The carbonation here is big and is matched with an almost soda-like sweetness. The astringency persists with a mild spicy dryness on the finish.

Bonus - From Austin, TX
Draught House - Trophy Bitter
Serving Type: From the tap, in a 16 oz. nonic pint glass

The beer pours a darkish amber body with a yellowy glow and a creamy yellowed head. The body of the beer is velvety and almost creamy. Sweet caramel and toffee notes are present with the malt body. The beer has a classic ESB-type bittering profile. The aftertaste has a subtle hop element that seems almost floral.

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