Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boston Beer Company - Samuel Adams - Latitude 48 Deconstructed IPA Variety Pack

Coming this week is the Samuel Adams Latitude 48 'Deconstructed' IPA variety pack from Boston Beer Company. This interesting and innovative sampler takes the conventional Latitude 48 IPA and splays it into its individual parts.

Each of the five hop varietals on Latitude 48's hop bill takes center stage in its own single-hop IPA. With two of each style, five of styles is a single-hop, showcasing the flavor profile and aromatics of the hops, while the sixth is Latitude 48, which combines each of the varietals into a single, coordinated, IPA.

I've reviewed Latitude 48 before, but this is another go around with a look at each of the constituent hops. My overall impression remains about the same, although refined. However, this variety pack was an excellent opportunity to gain an appreciated for each of the hops that go into the beer and a hands-on learning experience. If it is still available in a package store near you, I highly recommend picking it up, solely for the hop-tasting experience.

Stay tuned. I hope you enjoy this look at the Latitude 48 'Deconstructed' IPA variety pack!

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