Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brouwerij Huyghe - Delirium Nocturnum

Purchased From: Beltway Fine Wine
Serving Type: 750 mL bottle, poured into a snifter

The darker cousin of Tremens, Delirium Nocturnum is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, that earns its name well. It pours a deep chestnut brown body with a slight auburn tint. The head is a light tan with a creamy consistency, although there wasn't much retention on my first pour. The nose is smooth and earthy. It's lightly nutty with chocolate tones and almost a bit rubbery. There are some winey notes and this beer's strength is readily apparent.

The flavor is complex with a dry, raisin-like lead in. The sweet maltiness shines through and keeps the beer seeming fairly light. In contrast to the chocolatey tones on the nose, the beer is not overbearing, although still substantial. A bit of black cherry rounds out the mid-palate. Alcohol heat develops late. It is clear, but in check. A bit of almost-smokey roasted malt comes through with a slight coffee character on the finish.

Final Verdict: A-

The head of the beer - When I refilled my glass I gave the beer a much more vigorous pour. The resulting head was considerably more impressive than the original pour. While it still faded fast for a head of such considerable height, the initial appearance of the beer was great.

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