Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Inveralmond Brewery - Santa's Swallie

The Inveralmond Brewery - Santa's Swallie
Purchased From: Canal's of Hamilton
Serving Type: 500 mL bottle, poured into a Becker pint glass

A very timely seasonal brew for today's Christmas Special. Santa's Swallie is a washed-out copper hue with a minor haze. It packs a large yellowy head with craterous fluffy clouds of foam. The beer's got tons of carbonation with bubbles clinging to the bottom of the glass.

The nose is malty and very lagery. There's a slight oak to it along with a yeasty dusting. The flavor is a bit subdued overall. There's minor notes of nutmeg, but the promised cinnamon is seemingly missing. There's a mildly drying bitterness and the finish is slightly watery.

Final Verdict: C+

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