Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn Local 1
Serving Type: 750 mL bottle with cork & cage, poured into a snifter
I reviewed the collaboration between Brooklyn Brewery and G. Schneider & Sohn, but this is the first review of a beer directly from Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Local 1 is the brewery’s interpretation of a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, and it’s great.
The hazy pale gold body has a subdued reg blow with a large frothy while head and excellent retention. The lacing on this one is great as well. The nose is characterized by bright fruits and a bit of yeast. A sweetness comes into play with delicate apricots and layers of spice.
The beer has a light and airy mouthfeel, but has a mild alcoholic tinge (9% ABV). The flavor is dense and fruity with peppery tones. Along with the pepper comes a light spicing of clove and bits of ginger. Also present are suggestions of vanilla. Crisp apples accompany a light Champagne-like character. This beer is delicious and saunters out with a dry bitter finish.
Final Verdict: A

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