Sunday, December 19, 2010

ABV #3: Saranac - Caramel Porter

ABV #3: Saranac - Caramel Porter
This edition of Abbreviated Beer ‘view comes to you from a work Christmas party that I attended on Friday. With an open bar and about 20 beers on tap, I had a lot to choose from and this was one I hadn’t tried before.
Saranac - Caramel Porter
Enjoyed At: Pig’s Eye Pub in Hartford, CT
This porter is lightly smokey but is primarily sweet with caramel and crystalized sugars. Its not drying or especially hoppy, either. There’s not a a whole lot going on as far as depth of flavor goes. This one doesn’t stand out with any distinctive character. I had, what I believe to be, the first tap of the day. That might explain a bit of the astringency, but there was a definite, although minor, artificial tone to it.
Middling, but drinkable.

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