Monday, November 22, 2010

Wolaver’s - Ben Gleason’s White Ale

Wolaver’s - Ben Gleason’s White Ale
Serving Type: 12 oz. twist-off bottle, poured into a mug
This White Ale is certified organic and comes from Vermont. The wheat used is organic and grown near the brewery by a small farmer, Ben Gleason, who has his name immortalized in the title of this brew. In addition to the wheat malts come organic rolled oats, which provide pleasant smoothness, and organic two-row barley malts. All together, this is a great beer, produced with care, from the Green Mountain State.
The body is a hazy light straw with wispy floating yeast. The head is a medium size with a creamy white complexion. The retention is good and the head holds up nicely against the solid active carbonation. The lacing is nice, but somewhat light.
The aroma is a typical white ale scent with spices, orange citrus, and sweet wheat malts. The wheat is very bready and reminds me of a good sandwich on fresh crusty bread. The flavor is defined primarily by the spices. Coriander for days. The wheat malts are sweet and the beer is very crisp. There’s a slightly sour component, like that of a fresh apple. Very pleasing. The finish is great and very tight. The aftertaste is long-lasting and carries a mildly astringent component.
Final Verdict: B+

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