Sunday, November 21, 2010

Samuel Adams - Old Fezziwig Ale

Samuel Adams - Old Fezziwig Ale
Serving Type: 12 oz. bottle, poured into a pint glass
Old Fezziwig is ‘Winter Warmer’ style ale. The style is typically characterized by big malt boldness, occasional prominent alcohol, and, from time to time, spicing. Although the style truly should not be spiced, the label is often applied to beers that have been.
The beer pour appears syrupy and results in a mahogany brown with cherry hints. There’s a medium creamy tan/yellow-ish head that is good on retention and produces great lacing patterns on the glass. The malts on the nose are toasty and produce a pleasant sweetness along with fruit. Black cherries dominate the fruit tones, but there’s a mild tartness like peaches or nectarines.
Overall the beer is sweet, without much of a hop profile, but it is at once complex. The maltiness is prominent and great overall with a slight smokey character. Gooey caramel seems to define the toasted malt sweetness along with plums and cherries. Near the end there’s a mild roasted chestnut component that rounds off the beer. The finish is clean and the aftertaste is lasting and very pleasant. 
Final Verdict: A-

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