Monday, November 1, 2010

Smuttynose - S’muttonator

Smuttynose - S’muttonator
Serving Type: 22 oz. glass “bomber” bottle, poured into a dimpled mug
The S’muttonator is a German-styled Double Bock from Smuttynose Brewing Company as part of their “Big Beer Series.” This one came from the 2010 batch, and I’m thinking a year or two in the bottle might round out its character and give it some time to refine its flavor.
The body is a medium unfiltered brown, a bit lighter than I was expecting. The tan head was thin with almost no retention. The nose is primarily malty with slight bitter hops. It also carries a slight alcoholic tinge with a syrupy sweet component.
The flavor is defined by toasted malts with a mild spiciness and some fresh root vegetable hints. The mouthfeel is full-bodied and earthy. The alcohol here is clearly present and despite the crisp finish there just isn’t too much complexity to be found.
I’m not sure I will spend the money on another bottle to cellar, but I think a couple of years could really improve this brew. I’ve heard great things about past vintages that were laid down for 2+ years.
Final Verdict: B

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