Monday, October 11, 2010

Guinness Draught

Guinness Draught
Serving Type: 14.9 oz. nitro can, poured into a pint glass
Guinness is at once highly revered and strongly disliked, depending on who you talk to. Over my beer-drinking years I’ve moved from revulsion, to love, and now, somewhere in the middle. It pours a characteristic deep-brown-not-quite-black with glowing ruby hues. The large creamy tan head sits at the top of the beer, remains the entire time, and leaves serious lacing on the glass.
The toasted malts produce a characteristic sweetness balanced by dry hops. Coffee stout flavor is clearly present, but the mollasses sweetness takes the edge off. Despite the creamy texture of the head, the beer itself is somewhat thin, with a light finish. I can easily drink a ton of these, and at only 4% ABV it is a very doable feat.
Final Verdict: B-

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