Monday, October 18, 2010

Ayinger - Weizen-Bock

Ayinger - Weizen-Bock
Serving Type: 500 mL bottled, poured into a weizen glass
The label of Weizen-Bock from Ayinger brings a cartoon version of the goat from Celebrator. Perhaps the cartooniness is a sign. The title and style of the beer suggests a robust and dark hefeweizen, I’m not sure they’ve really embraced that charge.
The cloudy orange glow of the beer sits above a chartreuse yellow base. The initial large white head quickly shrinks down, disappears, and leaves no lacing. The nose is huge on a citrus bouquet accented by coriander and clove. 
The taste is initially very sweet with some carbonation for body. It narrowly avoids what I sensed as a wateriness in Ur-Weisse, also from Ayinger. The finish is dry and the 6.7% ABV produces a slightly alcoholic follow-up. There’s just not a ton of depth of flavor to be found here.
While it doesn’t bill itself as a wheat doppelbock, this beer comes no where near Aventinus in either darkness or complexity. What I’m confused about is the difference between this beer and Ur-Weisse, Ayinger’s dunkel weisse. One step further, Ur-Weisse really wasn’t much darker than Ayinger’s Brau-Weisse hefeweizen beer.
Final Verdict: C+

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