Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ayinger - Ur-Weisse

Ayinger - Ur-Weisse
Serving Type: 500 mL bottle, poured into a Weizen glass
Ur-Weisse is a dunkelweizen beer. If recall yesterday’s posting about a dunkel lager and are familiar with the wheat beer hefeweizen style, you can easily surmise that this is a dark wheat beer.
The body is a murky brown with yellowish highlights and a fluffy head. The retention is moderate and the head shrinks slowly down to a light foam layer. What remains produces very little lacing. The beer carries a citrus aroma with mild astringency. Its backed up by notes of dark fruits and must. A moderate active carbonation seems to refresh the head.
Wheat malts blend well with clove spice and typical banana phenols. They flavors combine for a somewhat sweet finish. Light hopping adds a moderate edge to the beer, but the hops aren’t substantial. The mouthfeel is thin and somewhat watery. All considered the beer is tasty but not exactly satisfying.
Something is left to be desired here.
Final Verdict: C

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