Friday, October 15, 2010

Ayinger - Altbairisch Dunkel

Ayinger - Altbairisch Dunkel
Serving Type: 500 mL bottled, poured into a flute glass
Altbairisch is a German dunkel (German for dark) lager brewed in Bavaria, by Franz Inselkammer brewery in Aying (a/k/a Braurei Aying). The body is medium brown with red and orange glows. A large craterous head sits atop the beer like high-floating clouds. The medium retention saves a light foam layer that produces complex lacing.
The nose carries a soapy citrus tone with a slight musty aroma and light tannins akin to green tea. The toasted malts produce a mild sweetness balanced by a musty and earthy component. German noble hops lend a mild bittering that gives the beer a rounded character.
Final Verdict: B

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