Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sixpoint Brewery - The Crisp

Brewed In: Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Serving Type: 16 oz. tallboy can, poured into a plastic cup

The Crisp, from Brooklyn-based Sixpoint Brewery, pours a clear golden straw body with a shimmering honey glow. Tons of carbonation bubbles rise rapidly throughout the beer. The off-white airy white foam creates a modestly-sized head that fades slowly with a quiet crackling. Light lace adorns the walls of the glass (plastic in this case) once the foam departs. The nose is fresh with a bouquet of hops and an almost soapy aroma. Orange peel adds citrus notes and the nose seems almost slightly spicy. A sweet lagered graininess creates the inviting base of the beer.

Crisp, sparkling carbonation tingles the tongue on the first sip. Citrus oils enter strong for a big and distinct hop profile that never overpowers the malt base. Fresh grains are grassy and reminiscent of the gristmill in mid-operation. Mild pears and a hint of apple juice meet a smooth buttery component on the mid-palate that shifts the tone of the beer slightly. The lager finishes clean and refreshing. It lives up to its name making a highly drinkable and highly enjoyable go-to lager.

Final Verdict: A

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