Saturday, January 7, 2012

21st Amendment Brewery - Fireside Chat

Serving Type: 12 oz. can, poured into a plastic cup

Fireside Chat, another history-laden name from the already decked out 21st Amendment Brewery, pours a deep tawny brown body with glowing chestnut tones. The head is a thick creamy light brown foam that fades slowly and leaves wisps of lace behind as it goes. The nose is malty with toasted grains and a slight chalky elemental essence. Hops are dank and semi-pungent, offering a slightly brighter edge to the aroma.

Minor coffee notes play off against a light crisp carbonation with a refreshing airy feel. The impact of the flavor with the light body offers satisfying contrast. Mineral water pervades throughout the body and acts as a foil to piquant hops featuring a dusting bright, fresh flavors. The beer is very pleasant and drinkable. It offers a different style for a canned beer, but remains fairly light overall.

Final Verdict: B

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