Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sixpoint Brewery - Righteous Ale

Serving Type: 16 oz. tallboy can, poured into a Becker pint glass

Righteous Ale from New York-based Sixpoint pours a deep auburn body with a moderate haze and a deep glow. The voluminous light tan head is large and frothy. Retention of the beer's foam is excellent and leaves layers of thin lace on the glass. Hops on the nose are pungent and piney with a slightly earthy undertone. The beers malts are sticky sweet and the addition of rye malt adds a distinct spiciness to the aroma.

The body is slick with a moderate crisp carbonation. Malts are sweet with some molasses, but also carry a spicy complexity. Rye malt is quite pervasive here. Hops hit on the mid-palate with a moderate dryness and bittering to match the beer's spice. The beer is fairly boozy, and seems a bit strong for 6.3% ABV. The finish is tight with some lingering malt sugar, minor bitterness, and a mild warming effect.

Final Verdict: B+

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