Monday, September 12, 2011

Musings is on Auto-Pilot

As a reminder, Musings on Beer will be on auto-pilot for a little over a week while I'm traveling. Luckily, I've queued up enough posts to keep the blog busy for almost a month. This time I'm a bit more prepared than when I traveled to the American West and Southwest.

Over the next week I will be traveling and experiencing the cultures, cuisine, and drinks (beer especially) of Scotland (oh, I will be sampling Scotch as well) and Munich, Germany. At Oktoberfest in Munich I'll be enjoying Märzens by the maß and subsisting on schnitzel and würst. I hope to report back upon my return with photos, stories, and thoughts on the my experiences and beers.

Please enjoy the blog in my absence and continue to check back for daily updates.

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