Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updates From My Trip West

I've been really behind with reviewing beers and posting the reviews I've done. I'm one week away from sitting for the first section of the CPA exam, so I've been doing my best to devote as much time as I can to studying for that. However, keep an eye out, early this week, for some updates from my trip West.

I think the updates will come in four posts. One will span a big portion of my trip, including photos I took with my cell phone camera and reviews of beers that I tasted from Portland, Oregon through Arizona (and maybe further). Then expect posts from San Francisco and San Diego. My stops in San Diego included visits to Port Brewing Company/Lost Abbey, Stone Brewing Company, and Pizza Port. The Pizza Port photos will be included in my mobile set.

I hope you enjoy reading about the beers from my travels. I really enjoyed the trip and getting to taste all of the great beer along the way.

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