Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Black and Tan for St. Patrick's Day

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day I decided to skip a normal, non-Irish review and go for a special. Today is an Irish Blank and Tan. Instead of Guinness I used, my preferred, Murphy's Irish Stout. I was thinking of going with Harp, but wanted something a bit more flavorful than a Euro Pale Lager that just happens to be Irish-made. I went with the ever solid Smithwick's. Although it isn't exactly 'tan' the Irish Red made for a good mixture of flavor in my Black and Tan. Unfortunately, the color differential was much more understated than a pale lager would've been.

What's required? Two delicious beers, a glass (I prefer a pint glass, or taller), and a spoon (slotted works best in my experience).
Pour the first beer into the glass, filling it about half way. I've only ever poured the lighter beer first, leaving the stout for the top of the glass. I'm not sure that this is a hard and fast rule, so feel free to experiment.

Next, add the second beer to the glass. Pour it slowly over the back of the spoon. As the beer is dispersed by the spoon it floats on top of the first beer with only a thin layer of mixing.  I added a bit of light behind the glass to help showcase the difference in color. With a lighter lager the contrast would be much more distinct.
Finally, sit back and enjoy your delicious and eye-catching beer.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Drink beer.

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