Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gritty McDuff's Brewing Company - Original Pub Style

Purchased From: Harvest Fine Wines & Spirits
Serving Type: 12 oz. twist-off bottle, poured into a Mark Twain pint glass

Gritty's Pub Ale is an American Pale Ale that stands in contrast to many of the quite-hoppy examples typical of the American style. The beer pours a moderate straw with an amber tint and high active carbonation. The head is thin to begin with and manages only modest retention. There's not much in the way of lacing either. The nose is sweet and grainy with a minor toffee edge. The hops are light and it leaves the beer seeming like it might be syrupy.

The beer is very interesting and different, but I'm torn. I'm not sure how much I actually like it. It's highly floral with hibiscus hints throughout. There's a sweetness like honey that pushes this beer into the interesting realm of almost resembling a sweet tea. Maybe more like a hibiscus-infused herbal tea? There's also a minor artificial tinge to the beer, although I have no reason to believe that it's anything actually artificial causing that. I'd say its worth a try, but not something I'd go out of my way to have again.

Final Verdict: C+

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