Monday, December 6, 2010

Narragansett - Porter

Narragansett - Porter
Serving Type: 16 oz. tall boy can, poured into a pint glass
After the success of Fest and the quick sell-out I bought a case of Narragansett Porter without having tried it first. Luckily I had some trusted opinion on it before I committed, but it was well worth it.
The Porter comes out of the can with a silky slick pour. The liquid has a syrupy appearance and a dark brown hue. The head is a frothy brown with great retention and produces nice lacing even as it recedes. The nose is heavy on espresso and chocolate. The roasty malts provide a nicely balanced sweet toffee aroma.
The flavor is full-bodied and carries a biting smokiness. The roasted malts are delicious and provide for tons of flavor. Brown sugar and molasses sweeten up the beer a bit, but the hop profile and smoke keep it in check. The mouthfeel is light overall. Its certainly not as robust as many other porters, but that makes for excellent drinkability.
Final Verdict: B+*
*I kind of want to go with A-, but I think that’s fueled by personal preference and my affinity for Narragansett as a whole. 

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