Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stone Brewing Company - Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale

Stone Brewing Company - Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale
Serving Type: 12 oz. screen-printed bottle, poured into a snifter
The body is a hazy ruby-brown. The haze seems to come from what appears to be extremely fine yeast suspended throughout the body. The thin tan head is light on retention and lacing, but leaves an intricate pattern of circular wisps of foam at the top of the beer. Overall the beer is interesting and attractive in appearance alone.
The nose is complex with sweet toasted malts, and a very pungent hop aroma that gives the beer a character similar to some Belgian pale ales or Belgian strong ales. Candied fruits like plums and vigs mix with rising alcoholic esters to round out the scent.
The beer is extremely smooth with an excellent and pleasing mouthfeel. Along with toasted malts, citrus components add to the depth of the beer. The oak really comes through strong. Mixed with the piney hops, the woodiness makes this beer like a baseball bat in the face. The finish is rewarding and slowly slides into a pleasant vanilla aftertaste.
Final Verdict: A
Note: The screen-printed bottle is at once a piece of art and a call to action. Its appearance is fantastic, but giving it an earnest read reveal humor and entitlement. Essentially, put down your over-carbonated, mass-produced swill, and drink a real beer. One final note, the state of California believes that the cadmium paint used in the production of this bottle causes cancer. 

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