Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paulaner - Hefe-Weizen

Paulaner - Hefe-Weizen
Purchased From: Beers of the World
Serving Type: 11.2 oz. bottle, poured into a flute glass
This wheat beer from Paulaner pours a large foamy head with deep orange tones, large carbonation bubbles, and a hazy body. In the body of the beer, cloudy yeast can be seen floating freely. 
I’ve had this beer before, and as I recall, I enjoyed it. This time around, I’m not sure what’s happened. Notes of banana and clove spice are prevalent among and orange rind-like citrus. Unfortunately, the mouthfeel feels thin and slick. It seems like there’s no depth or texture to this beer. All of the carbonation seemed to have disappeared with the head, leaving a strange watery finish devoid of fizz. Even the aftertaste is lacking, almost nothing is left over aside from a slight lingering dryness.
Maybe something went wrong with this one, but this is not the Hefe-Weizen I remember. I believe this wheat ale was the first of Paulaner’s brews that I’ve had, and it put the brewery on my mental map. I’m very disappointed, but I’d like to give this beer another try in the future.

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